COVID-Safe Christmas

ABC News | Image: Gillian Cox

All Victorians were a little upset with the news that despite over 30 days of zero, Melbourne’s famous Ivanhoe Boulevard Christmas lights had been cancelled. Whilst in Vic, we’ve taken the more cautious route, it’s great to see the creative ways traditional Christmas traditions are being made COVID-safe across the globe.

In Germany, the Landshut Christmas Market is now a drive-thru (Read article),

Image: BBC News

As are Christmas light displays in Franklin County. Read Article


While New York’s theatre shows are now being live-streamed. Read article

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The New York Times | Image: Amr Alfiky

And ‘Santa-tiser’ in New South Wales is making sure kids are still able to get their annual photo with Santa. Read article

ABC News | Image: Meredith Bauer